Accel INTERVentionTM Wipes

Accel INTERVentionTM Wipes

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160 Wipes

Dimensions: 15.24cm x 17.78cm (6" x 7")

Ready-to-use disinfectant cleaner based on proprietary hydrogen peroxide (AHP®) technology to deliver fast, effective cleaning performance.

Disinfects in 60 seconds.

Virucide, bactericide, tuberculocide, fungicide and non-food contact sanitizer.

Kills MRSA and Norovirus.

  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces in just ONE minute
  • Non-irritating to eyes and skin

Meets bloodborne pathogen standards for decontaminating blood and body fluids. Colourless with a characteristic scent.

Read the label before using.  Keep out of reach of children. 

Active Ingredient: Hydrogen Peroxide 0.5% w/w

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