High Security Laser Top Cheque  (WHS9209)

High Security Laser Top Cheque (WHS9209)

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Cheques remain the payment method most frequently targeted by criminals. High Security Laser top cheque offers the highest level of cheque security available to assist in preventing cheque fraud.

 Multi-part options. Up to 2 color-coded duplicates on separate sheets.
 All orders go through proprietary screening to prevent unauthorized orders.

 Built-in cheque security. Trusted by 7,000 financial institutions nationwide, built-in cheque security has features such as chemically sensitive paper, microprint border, invisible fluorescent fibers, erasure protection, security screen & warning box.

 Safety Hologram feature! The Safety Hologram feature, a multi-dimensional foil seal hot stamped to cheque stock and cannot be photocopied. includes 7 of the 22 security features.

 CPA 100% compliant

Compatibility : Quicken, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, views & Classic 2000 Plus.
Compatible Envelopes : 776 one window envelope; 775 two window envelopes
Size : 8 1/2" x 11"
Background(s) : Security cyan, blue, green burgundy beige and purple
Consecutive Numbering : Please specify start number

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